GTD2020 FAQ’s

We noticed we need to buy a ticket for the Sunday Beach run this year why is that?

This year’s Beach ticket price includes a Breakfast, Lunch, 1 raffle ticket and a limited edition Go Topless Day 2020 Decal. We think $20 for all that is a pretty good deal. The small ticket price of $20 per family or $5 per single also helps us cover insurance and other costs on the day. Grab your ticket by clicking here

If I purchase a Camping Ticket does this include the Sunday Beach Ticket?

Yes. Grab your ticket by clicking here

What are the payment methods for purchasing Tickets?

Credit Card, via Paypal ( you don’t need a Paypal account) or Bank Transfer, we have chosen these methods as it allows us to process transactions easily for both participants and JeepFreakz QLD. Grab your ticket by clicking here

Can I purchase Tickets on the day / weekend?

Yes, however we much prefer tickets are pre-purchased so we can lock in numbers prior to the event. These include catering, QLD State Government Permits and General Logistics. Tickets will be available for purchase at the event. Raffle tickets and other items will also be available. Grab your ticket by clicking here

Can I just do the Friday and Saturday Foresty Tracks and not the Sunday Beach?

Yes, however we would encourage everyone to do the beach run if they can. This is the world famous part of the event. Please note – Ticket Prices will be the same. Grab your ticket by clicking here

What Meals are included with the Camping Tickets?

We will provide a USA style BBQ on the Saturday night. For all attendees there will also be the Sunday Breakfast and Lunch as part of the Beach run. All other meals are to be organized yourself. We would encourage everyone to visit some of the amazing food outlets and local businesses in Kenilworth. All of these are short walk from the showgrounds. Grab your ticket by clicking here

I am Vegetarian / Vegan will you have options available?

Yes we will, but we ask that you please advise us prior to the event when booking your ticket or via email so that we can cater for you and have enough on hand.

Is there an age limit for attendees?

Whilst we will not be imposing an age limit, for those participating in the Forestry Runs we would remind everyone that off-road driving can be at times an activity that involves increased risk. We would ask participants to take this into consideration when deciding who is in the vehicle with them. In saying that we are 100% family friendly and encourage the whole family to attend.

What is the track grading of the Forestry Runs?

There will be 3 levels of difficulty across a range of tracks. But please note participation will be at the Trip Leaders discretion.

  • Easy – These tracks will generally be very easy and good basic knowledge and some experience will be needed.
  • Medium – A reasonable level of previous experience. Minimum vehicle equipment – AT tyres would be preferable.
  • Hard/Night Run – These tracks will have technical difficulties and will require previous experience to participate. Minimum vehicle equipment – no standard highway tyres, winch and/or diff locks, minimum 2 inch lift. Sufficient Lighting (If doing the Friday night run only)
What facilities are available at Kenilworth Showgrounds?
  • Most camp sites are powered and watered however some are not. These sites will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
  • Toilets, Clean Water and Coin Operated Showers ($1 coins)
  • Campfires in Supplied Rings Only
  • Skate Ramp, Ovals for playing sport etc.
Can I leave my camping gear/caravan/camper at the showgrounds on the Sunday whilst we do the beach run.

Yes we have the park booked until lunchtime on the Monday. So after the beach run you can swing past and collect your gear.

Can I stay longer at Kenilworth Showgrounds

Yes, we have the Showgrounds booked from Friday 17th May Morning until Monday 20th May lunchtime. If you wish to stay longer either prior or after the event you are certainly welcome too and just need to pay the caretakers for this separately

Can I bring or drink alcohol? It goes without saying drugs of any kind are strictly prohibited.

Yes, however the following conditions will apply.

  • No alcohol in any vehicle during any part of the event at any time. (This includes all passengers)
  • Once you have had a drink when we return to camp you will not be permitted on any further tracks that day (night runs for example)
  • No consumption outside the Showgrounds boundaries (excluding licensed venues).
  • If a trip leader is aware of excessive consumption the previous night we reserve the right to prevent you from participating in any event.
  • Any participant who does not adhere to these rules will be asked to leave. Refunds will not be available.
Do I still need to purchase a Queensland Parks and Wildlife permit for the Beach Run?

Yes, this needs to be arranged for your own vehicle via their website. https://qpws.usedirect.com/qpws/

Do I still need to pay for the Noosa Barge for the Beach Run?

Yes, this needs to be arranged for your own vehicle on the day. (Cash only $7 each way)

Should I bring cash along?

Yes, there will be a few things where having cash will be handy such as purchasing raffle tickets, coffee from the coffee cart, Noosa North Shore Barge and Coins for the showers etc. We will also have a tap and go EFTPOS machine available this year for purchasing tickets, raffle tickets etc.

What is the minimum equipment I need in my vehicle for the Forestry Runs?

Below is our minimum list

  • 80 Channel UHF Radio (hand held or in vehicle)
  • Snatch Strap
  • Rated Shackles
  • Rated Vehicle Recovery Points
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Recovery Trax (recommended not required)
  • Shovel and Axe (recommended not required)
  • Winch (recommended not required)
  • Front and/or Rear Lockers (recommended not required)
  • Hi-Lift Jack (recommended not required)